Tornado ACS is a 100% eco-friendly and non-damaging solution for building restoration, renewal, refurbishment!

Building restoration, renewal, and refurbishment

Building restoration is the process in which the fabric or structure of the building is renewed and refurbished. This includes the cleaning up of the outer or the inter portion of the building as well as reconstruction of the damaged portion of the structure.

Due to the fact that pollution levels in the world have greatly increased, as a result of rapid industrialization, the need for restoration and maintenance of structures, may they be modern or historical, is at an all time high. Government and private owners alike understand the need to partner with a company that has both the experience and technology to restore their structure.

Our team is committed to preservation and restoration of both historic structures and modern era buildings. We service Residential, Governmental, Religious and Commercial clients throughout Europe and now look forward to introducing our technology to North America. Under the guidance and trust of Tornado, We will restore the masonry color and architectural detailing without ever harming the original structure.

Watch the Tornado ACS clean a sandstone facade!

Graffiti removal


Tornado ACS’ 100% environmentally-friendly graffiti-removal solution works magically on any brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tiles, wood, plastic and metal.

Fire and smoke restoration

Fire & smoke

Tornado ACS provides remarkably fast and effective fire and smoke restoration without chemicals.

Mold remediation


Tornado ACS has revolutionized mold remediation by making the process fast, easy, safe and effective.

Building restoration, renewal, and refurbishment


Restore the masonry color and architectural detailing without ever harming the original structure.

Monuments & cemeteries

Monuments & cemeteries

The patented vacuum-blasting method is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite and QR codes on natural stone.

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