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Product technical specifications

Tornado ACS 15 Tornado ACS 28
AC 110 - 120 V / 50 Hz 110 - 120 V / 50 Hz
Input max. 1.600 W max. 2.800 W
Air output 3 x 40 l/sec. 3 x 60 l/sec.
Cable length 7 m 7 m
Tare weight 41 kg 41 kg
Height, incl. mobile car. 1.260 mm 1.260 mm
Length overall 690 mm 690 mm
Width overall 630 mm 630 mm
Length of suction hose 4.5 m 4.5 m
Filling quantity max. 10 l max. 10 l
Granule throughput approx. 20 – 80 l/h (depends on jet means) approx. 20 – 80 l/h (depends on jet means)
Granule consumption approx. 0.2 – 0.4 l/h (depends on jet means) approx. 0.2 – 0.4 l/h (depends on jet means)
Assembly time approx. 5 min. approx. 5 min.
Disassembly time approx. 5 min. (incl. cleaning) approx. 5 min. (incl. cleaning)
Noise level max. 75 dB max. 75 dB

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Tornado ACS’ 100% environmentally-friendly graffiti-removal solution works magically on any brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tiles, wood, plastic and metal.

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Fire & smoke

Remarkable fast and effective fire and smoke restoration without chemicals.

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Tornado ACS has revolutionized mold remediation by making the process fast, easy, safe and effective.

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Restore the masonry color and architectural detailing without ever harming the original structure.

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Monuments & cemeteries

The patented vacuum-blasting method is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite and QR codes on natural stone.

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