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Fire and smoke restoration

Fire & Smoke Restoration can be an Impossible Task

After a fire, the prospect of cleaning and restoring private or commercial properties can be daunting -- even impossible. This is because the unsightly soot and grime caused by fire and smoke can penetrate surface cavities, and leave behind unbearable odors and ugly stains that simply won’t respond quickly and effectively to conventional cleaning methods.

Fire Restoration can be Destructive, Too

Ironically, conventional fire and smoke restoration methods can also do more harm than good – because sanding, scraping and wire brushing can permanently damage surfaces, not to mention eat up time and money. Furthermore, since chemicals react differently to various materials (e.g. what works for removing smoke odor from plastics may not work on wood), the conventional process of trying to clean fire-damaged surfaces and remove smoke odors after a fire can be a toxic, hazardous “experiment” to see what will work… and what won’t.

Tornado ACS: A Revolution in Fire Restoration Technology

Tornado ACS is unlike anything that the North American marketplace has seen before. With NO harmful chemicals and at a fraction of the time required by conventional fire restoration methods, Tornado ACS transforms a fire-damaged surface to its original splendor, and removes all traces of smoke odor.

Tornado ACS is fast, easy, environmentally safe, remarkably effective – and it’s the future of fire & smoke restoration… TODAY!

Watch the Tornado ACS restore a fire-damaged wall!


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Fire & smoke

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