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Features and advantages

Feature Advantages Uses
No Water Dry work, no soaking of masonry No expensive wastewater disposal Precise work, not unfriendly to the environment No expensive waste disposal
No Chemicals Can be used under frost condition Free of acids, caustics, solvents Not subject to environmental protection People and environment protected
Dust Free Jet medium and removed waste material are 100% sucked up, filtered and separated in the unit No annoyance or restriction of business activity or attention to customers during cleaning operations Ideal for indoor usage
The only machine for problem free indoor usage Simply connect to common power supply

No offensive smell or noise, no regulations or restrictions
Ideal for use in housing or sanitary areas

Reusable jet medium Economical usage of blast medium Usable approximately 100 times in a closed cycle Cost and time saving by re-usage of the blast medium
Less repeat orders required
No louder than vacuum cleaners Noise level only 75dB, equivalent to a vacuum cleaner No annoyance or restriction of business activity or attention to customers during cleaning operation
Quick setup Assembly and disassembly in under 10 minutes
Immediately available for use, no preparation necessary
Fast efficient cleaning, therefore time efficient
The device is rust proof Constructed of high grade steel and plastic Durable and almost maintenance free, thus economical to use
Light and compact Total weight is 40kg - thus may be carried by a single person
Movable on wheels, easy to use on hydraulic platforms, scaffolding, elevators and façade cars
Low personnel costs, being easy to transport and to change location; usable in difficult heights
Set-up is possible without official sanction or roadblocks
Simple operation Only 10 minutes training required to learn how to operate the unit No specialist is required to operate, leading to low personnel cost
Application is gentle The correct granulate is available for each type of surface Especially suitable and usable on sensitive and valuable surfaces
Easy to handle due to distinguishing granulate features
Friendly to Environment The system and materials used are environmentally friendly No protection is necessary as there is no negative impact on the environment
Highest form of accident protection Operations is only possible when the jet cap is fitted tightly against the surface and the cycle is closed No protective clothing is required, there can be no unintentional or accidental jet escape or malfunction

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Tornado ACS’ 100% environmentally-friendly graffiti-removal solution works magically on any brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tiles, wood, plastic and metal.

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Fire & smoke

Remarkable fast and effective fire and smoke restoration without chemicals.

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Tornado ACS has revolutionized mold remediation by making the process fast, easy, safe and effective.

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Restore the masonry color and architectural detailing without ever harming the original structure.

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Monuments & cemeteries

The patented vacuum-blasting method is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite and QR codes on natural stone.

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